Rhode Island’s Brick Factory Tests For Ebola outbreak

On Sunday, Rhode Island brick factory owner George “Brick” Girod said he’s conducting a health assessment and has a team of health workers looking at the building.He said he’ll release a final report next week.Girobde’s company, the Rhode Island Brick Factory Assateague, began operations in 2014, producing bricks for a variety of residential, commercial and […]

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When Lego Factory Burgers, Pies and Pizza become brick, it’s a story of love and passion

Brick factories have long been associated with creativity, with the creation of products that reflect the individual qualities of the bricks.But as the company has expanded its brick factory in Melbourne’s inner-west, it has also expanded into the wider world of the kitchen.“We’ve been really impressed with the people that have come out to visit […]

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What if you could stop all of your work and still be productive?

There’s no shortage of startups that are attempting to make brick manufacturing more efficient, and the industry is thriving, with many more in the works.But it can be hard to get the right tools, which can cost more than a typical brick factory.And even if you’re already a brick factory owner, the business is still […]

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When was the last time you saw a brick factory in Bajrabahi?

Brick factories were first built in Bijapur, Gujarat in the 16th century.By the 20th century, they were in demand, and were used for building houses, houses of worship, and even hospitals.Today, around 1,000 brick factories are in existence across India.The Bijabagiri Brick Factory in the city of Bijpura in the south-western state of Gujarat was […]

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New York Fashion Week: How To Get Into The World Of Fashion, Part 2

NEW YORK — In the midst of a fashion-fuelled boom, a new kind of brick is emerging in New York City.It’s the new factory brick.The bricks are made in a new factory in New Haven, Connecticut, by a small factory in Rhode Island.They’re now being sold in New Jersey, in the United States.And the brand […]

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What you need to know about the new Lego brick factory in Australia

Here’s what you need know about a new LEGO brick factory being built in Australia.1.Where is it?The new Brick Factory is set to open in 2020 in the brick factory town of Abbotsford, located in Queensland.This is the fourth new brick factory that Lego has opened in Australia, following in the footsteps of the Brisbane, […]

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