Brick Factory in Spokane, Washington, is the latest in a series of brick factory images

A brick factory in Spokane is the newest in a long line of images of the Spokane Brick Factory that were recently taken by a local photographer.The images were posted on the Instagram account of the photographer, and show what appears to be the interior of a brick factory.The photos were taken in August and […]

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The Brooklyn brick factory fires, the first casualty

The Brooklyn fireteam has fired two shots into the air in a show of defiance against a fire that destroyed a warehouse, a brick factory and a gypsum factory in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.The blaze started in a garbage truck on Sunday night at the warehouse on Fulton Street, a street that runs through the Brooklyn […]

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How to build a brick factory: How to make a brick building

The first thing to do when building a brick-making operation is to create a simple building plan.Once you have a plan, you can then design the bricks.The first step is to decide how many bricks you will need.Brick factory bricks are available in various shapes and sizes.A single brick weighs between 20 and 40 pounds, […]

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Brick factory workers strike in California

Brick factory worker David Stelzer is one of the hundreds of brick factory workers striking in California, demanding better wages and benefits.Stelzers father-in-law, who owns a construction company in Los Angeles, said the company had been hit hard by the state’s recent cuts to the tax break.Stelazer, who also owns a local construction company, has […]

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What you need to know about a giant brick factory in the Hamilton neighborhood of Brooklyn

New York City has a thriving brick and mortar industry.But the Hamptons has been home to some of the most notable brick factory buildings in the country, and its history has also played a role in shaping the development of the city as a hub for manufacturing.Here are some of its most iconic buildings.Brick factory […]

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