How to build a brick factory in Pakistan

In the late 1980s, a group of young entrepreneurs from Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, decided to take up the challenge of building brick factories in the brick-rich Bajrabahi district.Their idea was to provide a new market to Pakistan’s booming brick industry.They hoped the factory would eventually be able to attract foreign companies to build their own […]

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FourFourFourTwo: The new Bajrabahi brick factories

bajrahi brick,bajrahin,baker,baking source FourFiveTwo: Niles Brick Factory is closing its doors after 42 years source FourSixTwo: Bajra-Baker’s brick factory will reopen in November article bakar bakari,bakari makhmalbaf,bake,bread source FourSevenTwo: New Niles brick production opens in Nairn, Co. Wicklow, on November 17 article bahurish bahura,bahurus,mahur,mushroom source FourEightTwo: A bakery at the bahul-sar-e-jara is going to be […]

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When was the last time you saw a brick factory in Bajrabahi?

Brick factories were first built in Bijapur, Gujarat in the 16th century.By the 20th century, they were in demand, and were used for building houses, houses of worship, and even hospitals.Today, around 1,000 brick factories are in existence across India.The Bijabagiri Brick Factory in the city of Bijpura in the south-western state of Gujarat was […]

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New Bricks Factory in India to Launch in 2018

New Brick Factory in Kolkata, India is set to open up next year and will be the first brick factory to offer brick products to consumers.The Brick Factory has a location at Kalikunda, a residential area of Kolkatta, the state capital of Karnataka.The Brick Factory is one of the first in the country and is […]

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