Brick factory workers strike in California

Brick factory worker David Stelzer is one of the hundreds of brick factory workers striking in California, demanding better wages and benefits.

Stelzers father-in-law, who owns a construction company in Los Angeles, said the company had been hit hard by the state’s recent cuts to the tax break.

Stelazer, who also owns a local construction company, has been working in the state for more than a decade and is currently making $15 an hour at his job.

“I work for a living.

I’m not a politician,” Stelzing told VICE News.

“This is my life.

I am going to make sure that no one else is going to have to go through what I am.”

The strike is being held in solidarity with workers in other states, including New York and California, where workers have also been locked out of their jobs due to the state budget cuts.

Stels family is struggling, Stelzig said, but he hopes that his son and his family will have the right to make a living if the company can’t.

“We’re trying to make some change.

We are trying to get some change in here.

We don’t know what is going on in the other states.

We want the right for us to get back to work,” Stels said.

The strike comes as the state is struggling to recover from the devastating wildfires that scorched parts of the West Coast.

As of Thursday, the state has lost 1,200 homes and 1,000 more people have died as a result of the fires.

A recent report by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health found that workers were being exposed to more than 2,000 chemicals in a single fire, with workers using over 500 of the chemicals in the construction industry alone.

Workers have also reported being exposed for weeks to dangerous levels of lead, which is known to be toxic to the developing brain.

California’s governor has called for more funding for firefighting and other state workers to assist firefighters battling the fires, but a new report released by the Sierra Club on Thursday found that funding to combat the fires has been cut by 30 percent.

“California’s disaster recovery strategy is in desperate need of a major overhaul,” the Sierra Coalition said in a statement on Thursday.

“In order to be a true leader in fighting climate change, the California state legislature must prioritize the recovery of the state from its severe fire crisis.

In a state that already has the worst fire disaster record in the country, it is clear that the state needs a bold and bolder approach.”

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