What you need to know about a giant brick factory in the Hamilton neighborhood of Brooklyn

New York City has a thriving brick and mortar industry.

But the Hamptons has been home to some of the most notable brick factory buildings in the country, and its history has also played a role in shaping the development of the city as a hub for manufacturing.

Here are some of its most iconic buildings.

Brick factory history The Hampton Brick Factory was built in the 1860s as a result of a partnership between a man named Thomas Hampt and a woman named Martha Smith.

In 1870, the two of them purchased the land and built a brick factory on the property.

The building was dedicated in 1880 and named after Hampt’s mother.

The factory’s name has stuck, and it’s still the tallest brick factory building in the United States today.

It stands at nearly 4,600 feet and has a footprint of nearly 10,000 feet.

Built in 1891, it’s the largest brick factory and home to a variety of products, including a variety and specialty glassware.

It’s the oldest and most well-known brick factory still standing in New York state.

The company that still owns the property has maintained its reputation as one of the country’s most iconic brick factories.

Its brick factories are known for making their own goods and also for being a source of pride for the Hamontons residents.

Brick building history The company has long maintained its relationship with the community.

The brick factory’s headquarters are located in the neighborhood, and the company has donated land in the area to the city for future development.

The Hampton Brick Factory also owns the Hampton Community Garden in Hamptontown, a site that includes a museum that is dedicated to the history of the Hamppens.

The community also hosts events and events every year, such as the Brick Festival and the Brick Art Walk.

The Brick Factory website even has a page dedicated to building and preserving the building.

Brick Factory building history is a popular site for visitors.

The buildings and the community around them are a source to visitors who come to New York and enjoy a unique view of the brick factory.

The site also provides an interesting perspective on the building’s history.

The history of this site, however, isn’t entirely clear.

The New York Times has been reporting that the building was demolished in 2011.

There have also been reports that the company never existed.

It is also unclear if there are still any remaining buildings on the site.

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