When your company is building a brick factory, you’ll need to hire people

A startup is building its first brick factory in Toronto, and its founders say they’ve been hit hard by the city’s new construction rules.

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The Brick Factory is Toronto’s first self-sustaining brick factory.

Built out of a building in a parking lot at King and King streets West, the company will build a factory out of bricks that it will sell at a local grocery store.

Brick Factory founder Matt Siegel said it’s “not a huge amount” of money to build a brick manufacturing plant in Toronto.

But that’s not stopping him from trying.

The company has raised $4.8 million from investors including Google Ventures, Benchmark, Y Combinator and others.

“It’s a lot of money, but I feel like it’s just going to happen over time,” Siegel told CBC News in a phone interview.

“I feel like people are really interested in doing it.”

The company is using a combination of crowdfunding and private financing to raise the money it needs to build the brick factory and to start the process of hiring workers.

But building the factory won’t be cheap.

Brick factory costs are set by the Toronto Economic Development Corporation (TEDC).

The corporation has set a target of $3.4 million for the first brick plant, and says that will be used to buy equipment and pay off some of the debt it has incurred in order to build it.

The project also involves getting the brick factories zoning approved.

It’s not the first time Toronto has seen a brick-making company go through this phase of construction.

Last summer, the city started accepting applications for brick-maker permits to build in the city.

For now, the only way to start building a factory is to have someone sign off on a plan of action.

“You’re going to have to have a clear plan and then an action plan to get that plan approved,” said Siegel.

The plan of actions can include hiring employees, paying contractors and hiring employees.

It could take months to complete, and the company is hoping to get an approved plan from the city by the end of the month.

The business will operate for four months in a space on the third floor of a downtown condo building.

The facility will have a kitchenette, dining room, storage space, and office space.

Construction of the factory will start in June, and there will be no workers.

Siegel expects the company to open in time for the city to begin the building process.

“The only thing we’re going for right now is to get the city approval,” he said.

The brick factory will be the first of its kind in Canada.

The Toronto City Planning Board has granted an application for a zoning change for the building, which would allow it to be built as an “open space” and “barn” rather than a “closed space.”

The board has also set a goal of building the facility within the next six months.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said the project has been “a major milestone” for the community.

“It will be a key component in the development of the downtown,” he told reporters.

“And I think it will also have an impact on the overall development of downtown.”

The mayor has called on the city and industry to get to grips with how we build our infrastructure in Toronto and other cities.

“There is a need to build new buildings that are more resilient to earthquakes and fire, and that will require people to be able to walk into those buildings with basic safety precautions,” he added.

Toronto has been working on a lot more of these things than just building new buildings, said Tory.

“We’re not just building buildings.

We’re building our infrastructure.”

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