Game Developer Reveals the Brick Factory Game Source TechRadr title Game developer reveals the brick factory game

Developer Brad Wardell recently announced the new game he is making with his former studio studio, Brick Factory, with a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the game.

The campaign has reached its goal, with more than $10,000 pledged to date.

This means the game will be playable in just under two weeks and that Wardell has raised $8,600 in a mere two days.

The campaign also includes the ability to purchase physical copies of the game at retail.

Wardell told us he’s working on the game, and we spoke to him about the creative process, his time at the company, and what the future of brick factories could look like.

First off, congratulations on the campaign.

You have really pulled off this amazing feat.

I’m a huge fan of games and brick factories.

What I like about your game is that it’s not just about brick factories, but it’s also about all of the things that happen in the brick factories: the cars, the machines, the stuff that goes on around there, the people, the things you interact with.

It’s about the people and the machines that are building the factory and what it’s about.

I think that’s one of the cool things about a game like this, is you get to get a sense of how everything happens and how the bricks come together, and I think you have a really unique feel for the experience.

You said the game is not just a “brick-building” game, but also about the whole factory, right?

And that’s right, it’s all about the bricks.

It really does feel like a factory, and you get a feel for that by walking around.

What makes it a brick-building game is there are a bunch of different types of bricks that are stacked, and each brick has a different function.

I love that this isn’t just a factory.

You can’t just put one kind of brick and expect it to work, but the game has this great feeling that every brick has its own function.

You’ve got a brick that makes you move faster, a brick you can put on your face, a block that helps you build a fence, or even a brick to help with the lighting, and there are so many different kinds of bricks.

You get a lot of different kinds.

You build a brick factory, then you build the game world.

And it really does make a sense.

The factory is very interesting.

I’ve been working on games in the past and I’ve always been interested in a world in which everything happens at the factory, which is why it’s really cool to be in a game where it’s actually about the things people build.

The other thing I love about this is that the bricks are connected to the world.

If you look at the game you see that there’s this world that the game takes place in, and it’s populated by people that you meet, and that’s very important to me.

The world of the factory is a huge part of what makes it interesting.

So there’s a lot going on and the game plays a lot like the world of a factory but it also plays out in a way that feels very much like a world.

You mentioned that you’ve worked on games before.

Can you tell us more about your previous experience working at Brick Factory?

When I left Brick Factory in 2007, it was a very big company and I was working on some games.

I had done the first game in a series called A.I.R. and was doing the sequel, a puzzle game called Brick Factory 2, and then the first Brick Factory game was called Brick Breaker.

I was also working on a couple other games and a couple more games that I wasn’t really involved in, so it was kind of like a weird time.

I didn’t know anything about building a game, so the first time I saw the video for Brick Breaker I was like, “That looks cool.”

I had never heard of the studio and the fact that they had done so many games and were doing so well with them made me very excited.

I really liked the idea of the brick industry and how it was very connected to other industries.

Brick Breakers is a game about that.

I went to see the trailer and it had all of this music from other artists that were working on their games, so I was very excited about it.

I also remember working with some of the other guys that were building the world and I loved it, so when I saw Brick Breaker it was like “Wow!”

That’s what I loved about the game: the music and the way the bricks came together.

I remember playing the game with the other members of the team and they were so nice.

I remember thinking that the graphics are so cool and it was just amazing to see a brick builder and see a world and to see it all connected.

And I just loved the world so much that

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