The Brick Factory Interior of a Brick Factory

The next generation of bricks.

Brick factories in Europe are a popular tourist attraction.

They are often seen in the same location in different locations, and the building designs often resemble those in the US.

A new brick factory is in the works in France, the second brick factory in France in three years, and a third in Italy.

These are some of the most exciting projects of the year.

Here are some photos of the new brick factories.

The building is a new structure, built on a former warehouse site in the city of Strasbourg.

It has been converted into a new brick warehouse, a building with two floors, four floors and four spaces, which the company will be using for the second building.

The company plans to open the new building in March 2019.

The interior is a mix of brick and concrete, with the main entrance facing the city.

The exterior of the building is painted a bright blue, with two vertical stripes painted over it.

Inside the building, there is a kitchen, dining room, living room, and two bedrooms.

It’s currently not clear how the two bedrooms will be shared between the owners and guests, but they should be comfortable.

In the living room there is also a small outdoor patio, which will have a balcony, a terrace, and more.

A kitchenette is on the first floor, while the second and third floors are available for use as bedrooms.

The second floor will be used as a small kitchen for the owner and his guests.

The roof is on a small concrete wall, with a small window that opens onto the terrace.

There is also an elevator and an outdoor kitchenette.

A view of the main lobby from the terraces, with views to the sky and the canal.

The brick factory exterior is covered with a brick that is painted bright blue and green.

The bricks are mixed in with concrete in the shape of a cross.

A glass panel has a glass roof that is covered in bricks.

The structure is decorated with a blue brick pattern.

A staircase connects the main floor to the terraced garden.

There are three floors.

The first floor is for the living area.

The kitchen and dining room are separated from the rest of the complex by a wall that is not open to the public.

The dining room has an open window and an open plan dining room.

There’s also a large outdoor patio that can be used for guests’ lounging.

The owner of the project told Le Figaro that the two floors are for the storage area and the second floor for the dining room and the third floor for a private dining area.

He added that the third building will be finished in 2019.

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