Why we don’t know the true cause of global warming

The mystery of the global warming mystery has been solved.

A new theory has emerged which suggests the heatwave was caused by the breakdown of a giant iceberg in Antarctica, which broke apart because of the planet’s climate.

In a paper published today in Nature Geoscience, the researchers say the iceberg was formed in an area of the Antarctic that has warmed by a quarter of a degree Celsius since 1950.

The new theory explains why the area is warming and how the ocean might have caused it.

The paper is the latest in a series of attempts to explain the global climate change phenomenon, which has puzzled scientists for decades.

A paper published last year suggested that global warming may be caused by a runaway greenhouse effect that drives up atmospheric CO2 levels, but the new research suggests this theory is too simplistic.

A previous paper suggested that the warming caused by greenhouse gases might also be caused in part by the loss of ice in the ice sheets around Antarctica, but this has not been confirmed by scientists.

It was believed that this melting of ice would lead to the expansion of sea ice, which would warm the land.

A report by the UK government in February said that Antarctica was a likely culprit in causing the warming that is now occurring, but new research shows that the loss in ice may not be the only factor.

The researchers suggest that a large chunk of the ice sheet that was frozen in the mid-20th century may have melted into the ocean.

The loss of the frozen ice could also have affected the flow of water through the ice, leading to a change in the way the water was distributed, increasing the heat in the atmosphere, which could in turn cause the sea ice to melt and release more heat.

In addition, a large area of ice, about the size of Belgium, has melted and formed a new oceanic basin, which is now known as the Ross Sea.

In this region of Antarctica, there is enough ocean water to support an additional 10 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

This could be the most significant change in climate history, because it would affect the amount of heat that is released into the atmosphere every year, which in turn could change the planet.

This would change how much heat is released from the planet, causing it to warm and change the global mean temperature.

As the world’s temperature rises, it is possible that this could be a sign of a global climate tipping point.

The Ross Sea is one of many places on Earth that have been changing in the past decade.

Scientists believe that the ice caps and glaciers in Greenland, Antarctica and the Indian Ocean have also been melting.

The study authors suggest that these changes in the oceans are also likely to affect the climate.

They say that the Rosses ice sheets are now forming new ice caps that are spreading northwards and have been linked to rising sea levels.

These ice sheets could help slow the global rise in sea level.

In fact, this could also help explain why Antarctica is warming faster than the rest of the world.

Scientists have suggested that warmer oceans could be an effect of climate change, but it is unknown how much of the effect is due to the melting of the Ross Icecaps, or the loss or expansion of the vast ice sheets that exist in other parts of the globe.

The authors suggest the Ross ice sheets have been growing at an average rate of 1.5 metres per year for the last 30 years, which suggests that the rate of growth has been slowing.

They also suggest that this has led to an increase in the size and mass of the continental ice sheets.

The Antarctic ice sheet is currently about a metre thick, and researchers have suggested this could cause the Antarctic ice to expand more quickly, which means that it could expand faster than other ice sheets on Earth.

This may explain why the world is seeing so much melting in the Antarctic.

The current rate of Antarctic ice loss is about 1.2 metres per decade, and the scientists predict that this rate will continue to increase over the coming decades.

But this may not make the ice more stable.

There are many factors that can cause the ice to shrink, including the sun, volcanic eruptions, ocean currents, and sea-level rise.

Some scientists have suggested there is also a chance that the Antarctic may be breaking apart because it has been warming for too long.

This is a potentially bad thing, because the Antarctic has a lot of geological activity in it, and melting of land ice could lead to other processes that would damage the continent.

In the paper, the team propose that it is the loss and expansion of ice that is most important, as it is this which can lead to warming in the future.

The scientists say that their study provides important new evidence that climate change is real, and that future changes in global temperatures may be influenced by the feedbacks between the atmosphere and the oceans.

“This paper gives a new picture of the dynamics of global ocean circulation in

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