Which Israeli factories are being destroyed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

A large glass factory in the northern Israeli town of Beit Shemesh was demolished in the past year after it was discovered to be contaminated with asbestos, a company official told the Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

The factory in Beit Shaul, located near the village of Kafr Arad, was demolished by the Beit Sourik municipality on March 13, according to local resident and member of the public committee for the Beitar Illit Regional Council (BIMR), Nasser Abu Erez.

The company, which employs around 50 people, decided to tear down the building in July 2017, after it had been found to be polluted with asbestos.

“When they heard the sound of the explosion, they said to us, ‘We don’t have any time to tear it down, we don’t want to damage the building,'” Abu Ezer told the Post.

“They didn’t know anything about the building, it was only for the factory,” he said, adding that he did not know how much the company lost from the demolition.

According to local residents, the building was demolished because of the presence of asbestos, and also because of a lack of a proper safety code in Beitar Ilit, a town near Beit Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council.

According the local media, the Beidar Ilit municipality said the factory had no asbestos in it and therefore was not eligible to be razed.

The municipality said that while it was aware of the building’s asbestos, “it was not the intention of the company to demolish it.”

“We don´t know how many people worked there, and there was no safety inspection system.

In a normal building, a proper inspection would have detected the presence and detected the contamination of asbestos,” said a spokesman for the municipality, Rafi Kedar.

According on its website, Beitar ILit is located in the southern Negev Desert.

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