New Brick Factory Tour: ‘A very special place’

India’s first brick factory museum will open in Mumbai this week, offering a rare glimpse into a brick factory that is revered in the country’s history.

Visitors will have the chance to tour the brick factory’s workshop and exhibition hall, which is known for its unique wooden furniture and its stunning collection of rare works.

The brick factory, one of India’s most unique and important brick kilns, dates back to the 19th century.

Its workers worked for a time in brick factories in Gujarat, but moved to Mumbai in the late 19th Century and opened a brick-making factory in 1894.

The building is located in a modern industrial area of Mumbai, and has undergone renovation.

It has a new kitchen, a modern bath and bathrooms, and is now fully accessible to the public.

Visitor will be able to enjoy the building and its exhibits from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., while museum staff will be on hand to answer any questions visitors may have.

The museum will be open on Monday, May 16, from 12 a.p. to 5 p.p., and from Tuesday, May 17, from 6 a.d. to 4 p.d., with tours starting at 4 p, 10 a.b. to 9 p.b., and at 10 a., 12 p.a. to 8 p.t.

The exhibition hall is a major attraction for visitors.

Its walls are covered with paintings of brick makers, some of whom have been sculpted to portray the buildings of the brick factories.

They will be housed in the museum’s exhibition hall.

The hall also has a small room for visitors to sit down and talk with the brick makers.

The gallery includes photographs, and can be accessed by a staircase.

The exhibit hall will have a collection of nearly 2,000 works, including a selection of contemporary art from across the country.

The exhibits will be available for viewing from the first floor of the museum, where they will be in a separate building.

The collection will be displayed in a large exhibition hall on the second floor.

The exhibition hall will be opened for tours from 6:30 a.c. to 7:30 p.s.m, and visitors can take the elevators to the second and third floors of the building for their tour.

The project has been financed by the National Development Corporation and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports.

The building will be completed in two phases, with the first opening on May 18, 2019, and the second opening on March 25, 2020.

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