When it comes to the brick factory in Niles, Illinois, everything’s going to be different.

Niles Brick Factory, a family-owned business, was founded in 1973 by four brothers, Fred, Harry, Mike and Robert, who worked at a brick factory.

Over the years, the family has owned and operated more than 30 brick factories around the country, with more than 40 locations worldwide.

They have opened brick factories in New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and other locations.

In addition to brick manufacturing, Niles is also home to the National Brick Museum and other attractions.

In 2014, the company announced plans to expand to an even larger facility in Northfield, Illinois.

The project is expected to open by 2019, with construction expected to begin this summer.

“The goal is to build a brick plant that will be a true brick factory,” said Fred Rizzi, owner and operator of Niles.

“I think there’s a lot of potential there.

There’s so much potential for the community to be excited about what this means to the future of the Brick Factory.”

The bricks at Niles’ Brick Factory will come from three different sites.

The first site will be the company’s first brick factory to open in North America, opening later this year in downtown Niles with a total of 12 workers.

The second site will house the company and a warehouse.

The third site will open as the company expands the number of brick factory locations in the United States and will be staffed by 20 employees.

The future of Nils brick factory will be determined by the construction of the site and the expansion of the company, said Rizzis.

He added that the future will be “a lot brighter for Niles” with a larger brick factory than the one he has today.

The brick factory’s current footprint consists of a 1.6-acre site, which is located just south of Nilsted.

The facility will include a 1,200-square-foot building that houses the company offices and the brick shop.

In 2015, Nils Brick Factory announced plans for an expansion of its operations to the east, including the expansion and opening of its new brick factory facility in Nils.

The new facility will have a capacity of up to 2,000 employees, Rizzias said.

Niles brick warehouse is located in the same area of the Niles facility, and its workers will also work at the facility.

The bricks and other equipment will be transported to Niles from its Northfield warehouse.

It will take at least one year for the company to begin moving supplies to the new facility, said Fred.

“It’s going really well,” said Harry Rizza, who was in charge of the brick and other machinery at Nils’ brick factory at the time of the closure of the facility in 2014.

“We’re happy to have this opportunity to continue to operate our brick factory.”

The Niles location will be open for the next four years, with the company hoping to open a new brick plant later in the year.

Nils will be able to expand beyond its current brick factory, and will begin using a combination of technology, automation and software to improve the brick manufacturing process.

“With technology and automation, we can produce the same amount of bricks as a brick shop,” said Rizzi.

“This will help us bring more jobs back into our community.”

The company will also use its existing workforce to expand, and hire additional brickworkers to work at a larger, more automated brick facility in the future.

“If we can have a brick warehouse that’s more productive and more efficient, it will allow us to keep our business in North Illinois,” said Mike Rizzas, the CEO of Nines Brick Factory.

The company is also building a new factory in San Antonio, Texas, with a goal to open its first brick facility there by 2020.

The Nils facility will also open up to 10 additional brick warehouses across the United State and Canada.

Nines plans to use its brick warehouse to continue expanding the company beyond its brick factory footprint.

“Our brick factory is already very successful,” said Tom Rizz, Nines brick and machinery manager.

“But now we’re looking to expand that to the other brick facilities around the United States and Canada as well.”

In addition, the brick facility at Nines will also serve as a warehouse for brick factory machinery, which can be used in brick manufacturing and will allow the company better access to suppliers.

Nises brick factory already has over 1,600 employees.

According to Fred Rizi, Niss brick warehouse will continue to be open as a work space for the Nisss and other brick manufacturing workers.

“Every day, we’re going to bring in some fresh equipment that will allow for us to continue the growth of our brick and hardware business,” said Michael Rizzia, Nilies brick and equipment manager.

The expansion of Nisses brick and machine

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