Why Edmonton should build brick factories in China

The world’s largest brick manufacturing facility, a major industrial hub in Canada’s largest city, has a large presence in the US, as well.

And now, with a new lease of life in China, Edmonton is looking to expand.

In a press release on Wednesday, the city said it’s looking for $100 million to build a brick factory at its Brick Factory 2 in Lingshui province.

Construction is set to begin next spring.

Edmonton’s plan to expand the Brick Factory is a “bold move” for the city, says city councillor Rob Anderson, who chairs the provincial council of the City of Edmonton.

The city is hoping to make bricks more affordable in a market that is “tough on small businesses,” says Anderson.

“It’s really a case of the right thing at the right time.”

The Brick Factory’s existence has been a point of contention between the city and the province, as it has been building the facility on private land, while the province has been seeking to redevelop it.

Alberta is still looking for a long-term plan for the facility, which is the second-largest brick facility in the world, after the Great Wall of China.

In 2014, the province announced it was planning to build new facilities in the province’s industrial zone.

“We have no choice but to move forward with this project,” Anderson said in the release.

“The Brick Factory provides the city with an important opportunity to expand its footprint, create more jobs, and to continue to contribute to the province in its economic development.”

The province says the Brick Factory 2 will create more than 3,000 jobs.

It also says the new facilities will generate more than $200 million for the province.

“I look forward to partnering with the city of Edmonton in this project and building a strong, healthy, thriving local economy in Edmonton,” Premier Rachel Notley said in a statement.

“Building and maintaining the Brick factory is a big part of the city’s plan and I look forward working with Mayor Anderson and the provincial government to deliver the long-overdue and long-sought benefits for our region.”

The provincial government says the development will help “create tens of thousands of permanent jobs” in Edmonton and around the province for more than a decade.

Construction of the facility will be handled by the province of Alberta.

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