What to know about the brick wall that has sprung up around the Brick Factory tour

The Brick Factory Tour is the latest attempt to get people to see the giant brick-lined caverns that make up the caverns. 

The tour company, which is part of the online marketing company Crowdtilt, has partnered with The Brick Project to help promote the tour, which takes you through the cavernous caverns to the base of the cavern.

The tour is set to take you through two sets of caverns, which are different in size and appearance.

This is a cavern, and it’s called the Brick Mill.

There are two sets.

One of them is called the Great Brick Mill and it has a brick wall and a brick pit.

The other is called The Brick Mill Cave and it is filled with water.

You can see the cavern below.

When you see the Great, it looks like it’s going to be huge.

But when you get to the Brick Mine, you can see that it’s actually a little smaller than the Great.

It’s a smaller cavern, with a brick roof and the Great Wall on one side and the Brick Mills Cave on the other side.

That’s the Brick mill Cave.

It has the Great and the smaller Great Wall, and then it has the smaller Brick Mill cave.

It takes about an hour to get to this one, which has the Brickmill Cave and the brick mill cave.

Once you get there, the tour ends and you’re supposed to be able to go back to the main tour, but if you’re looking for more information on the cavern, they have some really great photos on their site that have the actual cavern in them.

I was looking for some pictures and I couldnt find any.

I had a few ideas and they did give me a few more.

They did give you some info on the cave.

I was actually looking for pictures of the Brick wall.

I didn’t see it in person and I did find some good ones, but I wasn’t sure what the exact dimensions were.

The Brick Wall, it’s very big.

It was huge when I went there.

It took about five hours to get there.

Here’s a closeup of the Great brick wall.

We found this photo on the Brick Wall Cave.

This is the BrickMill Cave.

Here’s a closer shot of the brick pit and the water pit.

I found this one on the Great wall, too.

One of the coolest things about the tour is that the tour company gives you a few videos to take with you.

It seems like the tour goes really well and that people really enjoy the tour.

I would recommend the tour to anyone who wants to get a closer look at the world of brick walls and bricks.

If you’re curious about how the brick factory tour works, here are some videos of the tour:The Brick Factory tours are usually offered on Fridays and Saturdays.

What do you think about the BrickFactory tour?

Have you tried the tour?

Let us know in the comments.

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