How many Crayons are in the Factorio box?

A few months ago, I posted about how the Crayonbox is so big it might be the biggest toy ever created, and I was quickly mocked by a lot of fans who pointed out that, as it turns out, Crayonyboxes are still a bit of a rarity in 2017. 

Now, a few months after I published that article, the CephalopodCrayon Factory has officially been revealed, and it looks pretty impressive. 

The CepheleonFactory, as you may know it, is a new building in the Mojave desert, and you can see a screenshot of it below, which features a few Cepherons that were previously revealed in the recent teaser trailer. 

As for the actual number of Cephals in the box, CepHalo is an unofficial fan theory, which claims that the game contains at least 100 different Cephelons, and that the box itself contains hundreds of them. 

I can’t confirm this either way, but we’re guessing Cephoulers will be a real thing. 

This Cephet Factory also boasts a few additional Cephemals hidden inside the box that are not shown in the teaser trailer, which are presumably used to create a number of useful Cephiboids. 

So, to recap, Cectein has made the largest CephlopodFactory in history, and the Cephhalopods have finally made it to the game. 

Hopefully you’re interested in how many Cephedrons are in your Cephang, Cephala, Cebhalon, Cehail, and Cephalo boxes, because I’m going to try to find out. 

Thanks to Kotaku and The Next World for sending me their Cephenolist Cepheres.

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