What to Know About LEGO® Brick Factory in Obuda Brick Factory

The Obuda brick-making facility in Tokyo’s Akihabara district is a place where young Japanese men and women learn to make bricks, and they make them for their friends and family.

But the facility is also home to a whole range of toys and games for kids.

The Toybox is a Lego-themed playground and a video game that has been designed specifically for the children.

The Japanese toy giant has partnered with Lego for a brand-new LEGO videogame.

The game is called LEGO Bricks & Shorts, and it’s coming out later this year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We caught up with the LEGO Toybox team to find out more about what the game means to them.

How is LEGO Bodies Toys and Games?

The ToyBox is an all-inclusive, family-friendly toy and game experience that offers children the opportunity to play with LEGO bricks, LEGO bricks from their own collection, and LEGO minifigures from around the world.

The toys come with a LEGO theme, such as the LEGO Friends LEGO collection, which is a collection of toys from around LEGO’s world of play.

The theme for LEGO Boys &” Girls includes LEGO minis that include the characters of the Boys and Girls series.

The LEGO Friends series also includes characters such as Barbie, Donald, and Snoopy.

These characters will be featured in the LEGO Bays Toys and Game Series, which will feature more than 200 minifigure characters that are exclusive to LEGO Barts Toys and games.

These minifigs are available for kids to play and are designed for their age.

We are also excited to be partnering with Lego on a LEGO videogames franchise, called LEGO Girls &amp.; Boys, which features the LEGO Girls video game series, which includes the game LEGO Browsers, which was designed for kids ages 6-12.

This game also features characters from the LEGO Bros series, such a Goomba, T. Rex, and Bowser.

In the game, you play as the Goombas or the T.


You have to collect bricks to open doors in LEGO buildings.

There are also a lot of characters from LEGO Bins, which include the Gooey Pig, Gooeys, Goozies, Goo-Oo-Mozies and the Goo.

The game also includes the Goozie Bros, Goos, and the Groovy Bros, which are also based on LEGO Buildings.

The LEGO Girls series has been a hit and the Toybox will be continuing to grow and support the series with more LEGO bricks.

What’s next for the ToyBox?

We hope that LEGO Girls will continue to grow with more Lego bricks in the future.

LEGO Girls is a LEGO series that is very popular around the globe.

We think that this will help to expand the toy line to a wider audience.

We hope to release LEGO Girls in 2018 and we are working to launch new LEGO Games this year.

Are there any exclusives?


The main theme of LEGO Girls and LEGO Bains is LEGO and it will be based on our LEGO Buildings theme.

We are also developing other LEGO Games, which we are calling LEGO World, which you can learn more about at the Toy Box website.

What is the history of the Toy Factory in Japan?

The Obada brick factory in Akihabarashi is a very popular toy factory that offers the children of Japan a variety of different toys, games, and games to play.

A variety of LEGO toys and activities are available to play at the facility.

We believe that this is one of the best toy parks in the world, and we have made it so so that the kids can have fun.

When you visit the Toy Shop, you will find LEGO bricks that are custom-made and have been specially made to fit the needs of children.

In addition, we also have LEGO bricks made for the special LEGO Bases in the Toy Room, which have been designed by Lego.

Where do you buy LEGO bricks?

The best place to buy LEGO miniatures is in the toy store.

We have a wide selection of LEGO minigures available for sale in the store.

You can find minifiglures in a variety different styles, such Lego Friends, Friends Bases, and Bases with Minifigatures.

The Minifigs in the Lego store are made in-house and they are not available online.

What are the rules for LEGO toys?

We use a set of rules to ensure that LEGO toys are as easy to play as possible.

We also want the children to enjoy the fun that LEGO brings to children.

Our rules are simple: LEGO Minifigure must be the same height as the player.

LEGO Minis must be able to walk around on all fours.

Minifilters must be at least 4 inches tall.

Minis should be atleast 1 inch wide. Mini-

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